Aims for mathematics at Wimbledon Chase

Our aim at Wimbledon Chase is for all children to enjoy and feel confident in mathematics, gaining the necessary skills for everyday life. In line with Government policy and best practice, the children are taught to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics (including calculation strategies); reason mathematically using mathematical language and apply their knowledge and understanding to problem solving tasks.

In order for the children to master fundamental mathematical concepts and develop their mathematical fluency, where possible, we employ the CPA approach and offer real-life contexts for their mathematical learning.

The CPA approach

Concrete – providing children with objects and resources to manipulate in order to demonstrate their mathematical thinking.

Pictorial – providing opportunities for children to represent their mathematical thinking through diagrams, images, drawings or models.

Abstract – providing opportunities for children to become more familiar with formal mathematical representations including signs, symbols and digits.

Calculation methods

The children are introduced to a number of different calculation methods throughout their time at Wimbledon Chase. They are encouraged to recognise and use methods of calculation which they can complete accurately and with increasing efficiency. Wherever possible, children are encouraged to work mentally to solve calculations and consider which method is most efficient for a given calculation. In the face of more challenging multi-step problems, the children are taught to employ systematic formal written methods.

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 mathematics programmes of study:

Number – number and place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions

Measurement – including time

Geometry – properties of shapes, position and direction


Ratio and proportion (Year 6)

Algebra (Year 6)

Maths and ICT

Wimbledon Chase subscribes to an online learning platform that allows children to practise and consolidate their learning of maths at home. The platform is most suited to pupils in Key Stage 2.

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