Admissions to Nursery

Nursery28Early Years Partnership

Merton has a commitment to provide all children with free part-time education in the term after their 4th birthday.

All LEA nursery classes and many registered private and voluntary providers provide 3 hours per day, five times a week. For more info call Merton’s Children’s Information Service on 020 8545 3800.

Wimbledon Chase Admissions Policy

We have a 104 place Nursery unit that takes children between the ages of 3 & 4 in two groups of 52 for half-day sessions. Our sessions run from 8:30-11:30 and 12:25-3:25, with the first half hour of each session as flexible drop off time. The teaching and learning is exactly the same in both sessions.

If you would like to visit our Nursery, please attend one of our open days. See upcoming events on the home page for dates and times. Alternatively, please arrange a personal viewing of the school/nursery with the Head teacher, Parent Support Advisor or Nursery staff during a school day.

Applications for Nursery 2014-15

It is important to apply on time.

Timetable for Nursery and School Applications

To date, the nursery is always oversubscribed so ensure you get your application in early. For full details on applying for a place and the admissions criteria visit

All children entering the Nursery are offered a Home Visit from the Nursery Teacher and/or Nursery Nurses.

Children are admitted to the Nursery Unit during the term after their third birthday. Children either join in the Autumn, Spring or Summer term.

Please note – admission to Nursery does not guarantee a Reception place.

Please contact the main office on 8542 1413 if you have any questions or require clarification.

Reception24Admission to Reception

Children are admitted to Reception classes during the academic year in which they become five.  The academic year runs from 1st September to 31stAugust the following year.

All Reception children start during September, attending school for half day sessions.  By the end of September all children will stay at school for the full day.

Parents who wish to make an application for a place are welcome to come to our open morning held in December (see Calendar of Events).  This is an opportunity for parents to see the children at work and play and give an insight into the general ethos of our creative school.  In addition the Headteacher is available to show parents around the school via appointment.

Application forms are available in October and should be submitted by mid December.  If the school is over-subscribed, the Borough’s Admission Policy comes into operation, using set criteria to allocate places.  Please refer to the London Borough of Merton website for more information.

In the event of an unsuccessful application the applicant has the right of appeal.

A meeting is held for the parents of new reception children during the summer term prior to admission.  This enables parents to receive up to date information about the school from the Headteacher, EYFS Coordinator and Class Teachers.

Children who are new to the school in Reception are offered a Home Visit by the Class Teacher and Teaching Assistant.

Applications for Reception 2014-15

Timetable for Nursery and School Applications

For full details on applying for a place and the admissions criteria visit