World Book Day 2020

On Thursday 5th March, we celebrated World Book Day 2020 in a variety of ways.

In a break from tradition, we chose to create book-themed t-shirts displaying the front cover and blurb of our favourite books. The children, their families and the staff came up with some truly incredible designs and it was so refreshing to see pupils and staff stop one another in the corridors and playground to discuss the range of titles on display. This initiative really brought the focus of the day back to reading for pleasure and many children went home with recommendations based on the t-shirts created by their peers.

Not content with simply celebrating existing writers, we aimed to turn every child into an author throughout World Book Day. Starting with a planning assembly in the morning, classes worked together to contribute to three stories that will be turned into books for our school library in the near future. The A, B and C classes collaborated across the phases to write three stories about space, pirates and the jungle respectively. So whether you fancy taking a voyage on board the Venom Phantom with the B classes, discovering the terrifying Cheledile with the C classes or surveying Earth from the moon with the A classes, you are in for a treat! 

As well as home learning and lesson time, some year 6 children gave up their break time to further the enjoyment of World Book Day for the younger years. With this year’s official theme being ‘Share a Story’, the year 6 children chose some popular picture books to read to the EYFS and Key Stage 1 classes. It was wonderful to see the younger children engaged with classic stories and, equally as delightful, to see the independence and maturity of the older children when delivering their chosen book.

In celebration of the day, we have created a video showing just a fraction of the brilliant t-shirt designs. We hope you enjoy watching the memories we created together!

Until next year… Happy reading!

Mr Surkitt