Organisation of Speech, Language and communication ARP

Organisation of the Speech Language and Communication needs Additionally Resourced Provision; outline of the daily routine.

The SLCN ARP is centrally funded by Merton LA to provide two SEN teachers, two teaching assistants and part time speech and language therapist.

The SLCN ARP is resourced with a wide range of equipment and games to support articulation, receptive and expressive language. Specific strategies which are used to support children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) include :-

  • colourful semantics programmes
  • story champs
  • cued articulation
  • Makaton signing.
  • Precision teaching
  • Social stories
  • Comic strip conversations
  • Use of Widget for work sheet

Wimbledon Chase ARP is arranged into two main registration classes that reflect the organisation of the mainstream school.

  1. The Ark” caters for children from Phase One and Two – children from Reception through to Year Three.
  2.  “The Study” caters for children from Phase Three – Years Four, Five and Six.

This organisation into phases makes it easy for the children to access the mainstream activities and lessons without causing too much disruption to the Ark and Study timetable.

Children are attached to a mainstream class in their relevant year group. Please note that the SLCN ARP children are registered at attending the SLCN ARP and are therefore in addition to our mainstream numbers. When children do access mainstream they may be the 31st or 32nd child in that class. For that reason, we have to be mindful when accepting children into the ARP that there is an equitable number across all year groups.


The Ark class has a job share of two SEND teachers which equates to one full time teacher.

The Study has a full-time teacher

The Speech and Language therapist is employed by Merton Language and Learning team and is in school two and a half days a week.

OT is employed by Merton from The London Children’s Practice and is in school two days a week. Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist see children for the allocated time on their EHCP.

Wimbledon Chase employs four support staff to work in the SLCN ARP full time.

The SLCN ARP is monitored by Wimbledon Chase Inclusion manager and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

Daily routine and typical timetable ARK class (Phase One and Two)

Daily Routine and typical timetable for Study pupils (Phase Three)