Star Writer 12th Jan – 5B

On my first look, I saw clear, shimmering waves

And many colourful fish splashing around,

Sending a rush of peacefulness through my body

But now, as I look back, I realise the black ocean is unforgiving


From the lucid sapphire blue horizon,

With radiant beams that glistened on the endless depths of water’

Majestic white horses plummeted towards me, despite this, I stood my guard

I could hear the waves like mountains, but see nothing but vast ocean


As the majestic white horses hit salty sand,

The lapping turquoise waters bubble with milky froth,

I can sense the hissing of the gleaming golden pearls,

It was a sensational feeling that would never end


The vast tropical ocean continuously sweeps golden pearls that cover the sea shore

The immense wind was brushing past me, like a cleaner cleaning up dust

The mountain-high waves lumber over and crash on the beach

The froth of the white horses was tumbling towards the glistening shore


The marine blue waves are frothing and bubbling,

The mighty waves crash down to the soft squelch of sand,

The sea is thundering up the beach like white horses in a race

You fall onto the pleasant dry sand, fall asleep to your greatest desires


The old wooden boat shaking and wobbling due to shimmering blue waves lapping against one another,

The turquoise waters fizzed like shaken coke as white horses surfed over ice cold waves

The boat shook once more as monstrous waves built up and the storm began…

Lightning flashed, whilst monotonous waves rose, each one threatening to consume the defenceless boat


As the colossal marine cluster came rushing towards me

It felt like a giant was pushing it so much faster

Slowly, the white horses galloped across the smooth, golden sand

The sunlight finally broke through the wrinkly cracks of the boat

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