The Governing Body works with the Senior Leadership Team to help produce the best possible education for the pupils at Wimbledon Chase Primary School.

Who makes up the Governing Body?

At Wimbledon Chase, our Governing Body currently consists of 16 members; they are appointed for 4 years, after which time their position is up for re-election:

Parent Governors: Any parent of a child at Wimbledon Chase may run for election, make nominations and vote.

Staff Governors: All members of staff have the opportunity to stand for election, nominate or vote for a member of teaching or non-teaching staff to be a member of the governing body.

Other Governors: Other governors are either from the Local Authority (LEA Governors) or Community Governors – members of the local community who have an interest in the school.

What do Governors Do?

Governors act as a critical friend to the Head Teacher and school. They:

  • Support and challenge the head teacher
  • Ensure that the school is accountable to the children and parents it serves, to its local community and to those who fund and maintain it, and to the staff it employs
  • Monitor school performance, gathering evidence to show what progress is being made towards strategic priorities, targets and the implementation of policies
  • Work in close partnership with the head teacher and take advice from her before making decisions
  • Account for the school’s overall performance and explain the Governing Body’s decisions and actions to anyone who has a legitimate interest
  • Ensure that statutory requirements are met
  • Respect the professional roles and management responsibilities of the head teacher and staff
  • Governors are not involved in the day to day management of the school – that is for the head teacher

The full Governing Body meets twice per term. The agenda is published in advance and parents are welcome to raise matters for the agenda via their parent governor representatives.

Much of the work of the Governing Body is done through sub-committees. Most governors sit on two committees.

How can I contact a Governor at Wimbledon Chase?

Governors can be contacted by email at

The Chair of Governors can be contacted directly at

Who are the Governors at Wimbledon Chase?

Chair of Governors: Zoe Leventhal & Tom Jean
Vice Chair: Michael Fernando
Headteacher Jill Augustin
Chair of School Business Committee: Suzanne Grocott
Chair of Standards, Teaching & Learning Committee: Michael Fernando
Chair of Pupils & Community and Additional Funding Committee: Jenny Willott

Full List of Governing Body Member

Oddi Aasheim Parent
Caroline Burnett Coopted
Nathalie Byford-Guy Staff
Alex Duncan Coopted
Michael Fernando Coopted
Suzanne Grocott Coopted
Jonathan Hearn Coopted
Tom Jean Parent
Zoe Leventhal Parent
Mac Miller Coopted
David Urquhart Coopted
Jenny Willott Parent
Rachel Knight Associate Member
Kate Baker Associate Member
Keith Ellis Associate Member
Sian Dotchin Clerk

thumbnail of Wimbledon Chase – 23 June 2015 – Instrument of Government