The School Badge

Colours – Saxe Blue and Silver

The antlered head of a deer is to remind us that the school is built in what was originally staghunting country.

A house and stables called Merton Hall lay well back in fields somewhere near the site of the school.  Merton Hall belonged to a Mr Soutar who was a saddlemaker to the Royal Family and noted for the hunters which he kept in his stables.  The staghounds used to meet in a field nearby and the deer were brought to the meeting place in a cart and turned loose when the hunt was to begin.  All the local farmers were members of the hunt.

The Merton Fret is taken from the Coat of the Arms of the Borough.  It originally came from the Arms of Merton Priory which stood on a site near the centre of the Borough.

The blue and silver colours were on the Coat of Arms of Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter, who was Lord of the Manor of Wimbledon at the end of the 16th and during the early years of the 17th century.  He invited King James 1 on the 21st June 1616 to hunt and dine at Wimbledon Manor House and historians tell us that the King killed a brace of stags before he came to the house.