Children at Wimbledon Chase are given lots of opportunities to develop their musical talents.

Each class has one hour of music per week with our specialist teacher, Mrs Godden.  We have a purpose built music room which is very well equipped with a variety of musical instruments.  (A state of the art music room was opened as part of our new building works in September 2011).


In addition, a large number of peripatetic teachers from the Merton Music Foundation (MMF) visit the school every day to provide private lessons for individuals and groups.  Tuition includes:













MMF charges for lessons – these can be for individuals, in twos or small groups.  Application forms are available from the school office and should be returned to Mrs Godden.

Pupils with musical talents are encouraged to play in assembly on Tuesday and Friday mornings as the school enters or leaves the hall.  The children’s ability to play instruments such as piano, guitar, trumpet or cello is celebrated by the school and helps to develop confidence in the players and gives them experience in performing for an audience.

A number of musical clubs are provided at Wimbledon Chase:


Our choir is open to any pupil from Year 1 upwards.  There are no auditions and everyone is encouraged to join in.  Two teachers are involved in running the choir – Mrs Pauline Godden and Mrs Claire Smith.  Choir rehearses on Tuesday mornings in the school hall from 8.15 to 8.45.  The children sing a variety of popular songs, both in unison and in parts.  In the autumn term, the choir concentrates on Christmas carols and songs.  Towards the end of the spring and summer terms, the choir performs in the school musical evening.


Orchestra is open to those pupils who learn an orchestral instrument either in school or out of school.  Again, orchestra is run by our 2 specialist teachers – Mrs Godden and Mrs Smith.  They are enthusiastically supported by our “musical” or talented parents who come in to help with orchestra on a regular basis.  Orchestra rehearses on Wednesday mornings from 8.15 to 8.45 and performs a variety of music in parts, depending on the ability of the children.  At the end of the spring and summer terms, the orchestra performs in the school musical evening.


Boomwhacker Club is open to pupils from Year 2 upwards who enjoy playing in a small group, often improvising on a variety of percussion instruments (tuned and untuned).  Boomwhackers are plastic tubes that are struck on a surface to produce a note.  This was the name chosen by the children for this fun ensemble which includes other percussion instruments.  The Boomwhacker performance is always a popular part of our musical evenings each term.

Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble is open to pupils of any age who play a brass or woodwind instrument.  At times it becomes a brass group if there are no woodwind players in school.  The wind ensemble plays for fun and enjoys the harmony they produce together.  The group rehearses on Tuesday lunch times from 12.50 to 1.20 in the Music Room.

Recorder Club

We have two recorder clubs at Wimbledon Chase, open to pupils from Year 2 upwards.

Our Beginners Recorder Group meets on Thursday lunchtimes from 12.55 to 1.20 and is for complete beginners or pupils finding the reading of music difficult and needing a little extra help.

Advanced Recorder Group rehearses on Wednesday lunchtimes from 12.55 to 1.20 and is for pupils who have mastered the basic techniques of recorder playing and are beginning to read music.

Both recorder groups perform in the musical evening at the end of the spring and summer terms.