At Wimbledon Chase we believe every child is an artist.

The art curriculum will inspire children to think innovatively and creatively. Our pupils will learn skills, concepts and the knowledge necessary to express themselves through their own discovery. We provide an inclusive environment focusing on process rather than the finished product. This helps to increase self-confidence, originality and sense of achievement for all.

Our art curriculum offers children with experiences to develop their skills using a range of methods, mediums and materials. Self-evaluation of work is encouraged and children are taught resilience to achieve their goals.

There are opportunities for children to enter creative competitions and go on innovating school trips. We offer various exciting art clubs and take advantage of the wonderful outdoor space. We relish the chance to collaborate on projects with the neighbouring art college and arrange for visiting artists, illustrators and talented parents to inspire us. We endeavour to participate in whole school projects such as our Eco awareness and National Gallery’s Take One Picture to build a sense of community across the year groups.

We are proud of our children’s achievements and share their work through our celebration assemblies, fabulous displays and online art gallery. The children also show pride in their special sketch books which document their progression as they move through the school.

At Wimbledon Chase art forms an important part of the curriculum. We believe art education stimulates creativity and imagination whilst giving the child unique opportunities to develop academically, culturally, socially, physically and emotionally.