Phase 1


Happy New Year and welcome to both the returning and the new Nursery children. We now have 28 children accessing our 30 hour provision, 29 children in the morning session and 19 children in the afternoon session.


The children are responsible for choosing our topic each half term and have decided to learn about ‘under the sea’ this half term.

We will be researching this topic through books, videos and real-life experiences. If there are any parents/carers who have any knowledge/experience in this area then please let us know so we can organise a visit from an expert!

Throughout the half term we will be encouraging the children to focus on developing a range of skills during child-initiated play and adult-led learning. The table below outlines some of our expectations this term:

Curriculum Overview for this half term

Area Children in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th Term Children in their 1st term
Physical development ·      Draw lines and circles with gross motor movements

·      Use one handed tools safely

·      To successfully take off & put on socks and shoes during PE.

·      Explore new climbing equipment

·      Move in different ways (outside and during PE in the gym)

·      Use the Nursery toilets and attempt to redress independently

Communication and language ·      Listen to others one to one or in small groups

·      Listen to stories and recall key parts of the text

·      To understand, demonstrate and/or describe objects and their purpose

·      To develop more complex sentences

·      To retell past events with accuracy

·      Listen to adults reading stories

·      Identify familiar sounds

·      Respond to simple instructions e.g. to put their coat on

·      Use words and sentences to express ourselves to adults and peers

Personal, social and emotional development ·      Play as part of a group

·      Initiate conversation with adults and peers

·      Continue to develop turn taking skills

·      Confidently ask for help when required

·      Separate confidently from carers at the beginning of the Nursery session

·      Begin to form friendships

·      Understand and follow the routines of Nursery

Maths ·      Compare two groups of object and talk about when they are the same and different

·      Begin to represent number in different ways

·      To begin to explore and use positional language

·      Count objects up to 5 with 1 to 1 correspondence

·      Use language of quantities to describe groups of objects

·      Use time-based language through visual timetables and sharing experiences

Literacy ·      To explore story structure

·      To describe key parts of a familiar story, including characters, setting and main events

·      Ascribe meaning to marks in the environment

·      Join in with Nursery rhymes and familiar stories

·      Begin to give meaning to marks (painting, drawing, printing…)

·      Show an interest in books and explore them independently


Pick up time

Butterflies (15 hour children) finish either at 11.30 or 15.25.

Ladybirds (30 hour children) finish at 15.30.

At collection time we ask that the adults form a line down the railings so that we can see you and send your child to you. Once you have greeted your child please promptly move down towards the end of the line so other adults can move closer to the door.

At afternoon pick up please note the 5 minutes difference in collection times. We ask that adults collecting ladybird children wait towards the back of the line initially so that we can dismiss Butterfly class promptly at 15.25 and then move on to dismissing Ladybirds at 15.30.

For the children’s safety at pick up we ask that you wait until all the children have been dismissed before talking to a member of the team or returning to look for a lost belonging.

Independence skills

We always encourage the children to be independent with their dressing and self-care skills. Including taking off & putting on their coat, changing wet clothes and taking off & putting on their shoes and socks in the gym.

Our PE days are Wednesday (30 hours children) and Friday (all children). Please ensure that you send your child into school with ‘easy’ shoes (Velcro, slip on) and no tights to enable their independence on PE days.

Please support your child’s independence skills by making them aware of their belongings and encouraging them to hang up their own bags/coats at the beginning of the day. We find that when the children are asked to put away their own belongings at the start of the session they have more awareness of the items they need to collect for home time.

Naming items

Please ensure all ‘removable’ items of clothing, such as coats and hats, are clearly named so we can return any missing items to your child.

Parent reps

Our parent reps for Ladybird class are Wendy (Finn’s mum) and Carrie (Aurelia’s mum) and for Butterfly Morning class are Lauren (Frank’s mum) and Siobhan (Sawyer’s mum). We also now require two more parent reps for Butterfly Afternoon class, so please let me know if this would be of interest to you.

Parent contact lists are always available from the notice board inside Nursery, please help yourself. If you find that your details are missing from this list then we did not receive your contact slip at the beginning of term. Please ask for another if you would like to be part of the parent rep communications.


Thank you for uploading the winter holiday homework onto tapestry. There will be another homework task set for February half term. Please continue to use tapestry as a two-way tool by taking time to read the observations we have added from Nursery, as well as adding your own observations from home throughout the term.

For parents of new children, please activate your tapestry account as soon as possible. You will receive an activation email (please check you junk folder) and there will be some simple instructions to follow to complete the set up. If you need further support with the set-up of tapestry please see Mrs Kirton in the office as soon as possible.

Key workers

Please remember that your child is allocated a key worker at the start of Nursery. This adult is responsible for keeping your child’s learning journal (tapestry) up to date and will be having a parent consultation with you at the end of your child’s first term.

However, the children will be working with all 5 adults in Nursery throughout the week and as a team we continually share messages and important information. Therefore we encourage you to talk to any member of the team with any questions or concerns you may have.


If your child is unwell and cannot attend Nursery, please follow the school’s absence procedure. You will need to inform the school as soon as possible on each day that your child is ill.

If your child has a contagious illness that they are still allowed to attend Nursery with (e.g. threadworm, conjunctivitis) please let a member of the Nursery team know at drop off so that we can alert others. It is very important that families with adults/children who have weakened immune systems have a good understanding of what illnesses the Nursery children are currently being exposed to in order to keep everyone safe.


Important upcoming dates for this term:

Wednesday 8th January – Thursday 16th January: New Nursery children phased start

Friday 14th February: last day of Spring 1

Monday 17th – Friday 21st February: half term (school closed)

Monday 24th February: INSET day (school closed to children)

Tuesday 25th February: All Nursery children return

Tuesday 13th March: Maths Workshop (AM)

Wednesday 14th March: Maths Workshop (PM)

Friday 27th March: Nursery cake sale

Thursday 2nd April: Last day of Spring term

Friday 3rd April: (Nursery closed to children)


Kind regards,

Mrs Haxton-Bartlett, Miss Pearce, Miss Hickling, Miss Harrin & Miss Mendez