Early Years


At Wimbledon chase the EYFS curriculum has been designed to nurture children to become adventurous self-motivated learners who embrace challenge. Our holistic approach supports children to have a confident grasp of oral language and communication, value equality and develop a strong sense of self within wider society.

Using our wider physical environment and diverse community at Wimbledon Chase, we aim to expand the children’s understanding and respect for others. Through our flexible and balanced curriculum, we utilise every opportunity for our young learners to explore, reflect and adapt their independent thinking or learning strategy.

Our creative and language-rich indoor and outdoor environment is planned and designed to encourage all children to flourish as skilful communicators. The multi-sensory approach we use to teach phonics (Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds) encourages children from an early age to blend and segment words.

At Wimbledon Chase we value a balanced teaching approach which incorporates play-based learning alongside more structured learning and teaching opportunities. Our ambitious teaching and learning opportunities scaffold and progress to extend children’s learning, preparing them for Year 1.

Staff and parents often comment on the pride they feel in reference to the breadth and depth of their children’s knowledge and passion for learning, secured here in the EYFS at Wimbledon Chase and beyond.