At Wimbledon Chase Primary School we encourage children to communicate effectively, purposefully and with enjoyment through their spoken and written work.


The children have access to a wide variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry to help them to become confident, eager and enthusiastic readers who are engaged in their own learning journey through reading. Reading skills are taught using ‘Jolly Phonics’ in Reception; in KS1 our phonics programme is a school-developed, highly-structured programme teaching synthetic phonics through a multi-sensory approach. Guided reading, comprehension, and shared reading are taught across all key stages encouraging the children to regularly read for pleasure.


Writing skills are developed through teaching a range of genres in both fiction and non-fiction providing the opportunity for the children to write for a variety of purposes and different audiences. Core skills (grammar) are taught explicitly, including spelling, punctuation, text organisation and composition and effect.

Spoken Language

Spoken Language activities encourage the children to explore, develop and explain their ideas; to discuss and plan stories, poems and reports and to share their observations and opinions.

In addition, the Curriculum provides an enhanced cross curricular link to English which increases the children’s enjoyment and achievement. This enables the children to have some ‘real life’ moments to write about, encouraging creative plots, thoughtful settings and exciting characters to include in their story writing.


Read with a Teacher

At Wimbledon Chase Primary School we are passionate about reading. We use literature to inspire the planning and teaching of writing - giving the children the opportunity to become storytellers, poets and factual writers. We celebrate their achievements in the classroom, in our assemblies and on the school website. This year would welcome working with you to support the children with reading for pleasure both in school and at home.

Please take a look at our story and poem videos in which our teachers read some of their favourite books/poems. We hope families will like watching these at home together as much as we all enjoyed making them.

Here's the full list of stories/poems - click on the title to get straight to your favourite.