Through our history teaching at Wimbledon Chase, we aim that all pupils will develop a coherent knowledge of Britain’s past and that of the wider world.  We strive, through the study of the past, to equip pupils for their future. To develop skills to be able to ask perceptive questions, think critically and analytically, weigh evidence and develop an empathetic understanding of the culture and history of their own, and the wider world.

Our Four Corner stones are the principles that guide the history experience at Wimbledon Chase. The history curriculum follows the National Curriculum for History; ensuring that a broad and balanced curriculum which is delivered accessible to all.

We aim to deliver the curriculum using a rich and multi-faceted approach.  Termly history topics are delivered through classroom-based teaching, as well as theatre shows, external visits, guest speakers, local walks, and home-learning projects.

We offer opportunities for our pupils to explore and learn about Britain from the Neolithic period though to the 20th century.  As well as developing an understanding of the Ancient World; Egypt, Greece and Rome.

We are proud that Wimbledon Chase aims to ensure that all pupils enrich their personal cultural capital; leaving with an understanding of how they, and their families, are linked to the historical fabric of their local area, country and the world.

The curriculum offered at Wimbledon Chase is of a high quality, inclusive and well planned.  Our aim is for children to leave the school having become keen historians, with an appreciation and understanding of their, and the wider, world.

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