Sports Premium

The Impact of Sports Premium at Wimbledon Chase Primary School

WCPS Sports Premium Funding PE Development Plan 2021

Physical Education continues to plays a very important part in the life of Wimbledon Chase Primary School and at least two hour long sessions per week are dedicated to physical activity in the curriculum. The children also get significant exercise throughout the day during playtimes and lunchtimes. We believe that P.E. contributes to the holistic development of children and instils key values such as teamwork, fair play, respect for themselves and others, as well as maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Due to the national school closure in March 2020 as part of the Coronavirus pandemic we were not able to undertake all the additional activities planned for the full academic year, but some initiatives were carried out in the period September – December and for the summer term. Planning for 2020/21 was in line with COVID-19 procedures with classes for the majority remaining in their bubbles throughout the day. The children continued to undertake a full range of physical actives within their class bubbles. Children were limited to their bubbles, so trips, visits and outside sporting events were unable to happen.

We are committed to using this additional funding in developing high quality PE lessons, alongside resuming greater opportunity for sporting activities for all the children in our school now there is more flexibility in approach due to the relaxation of the Coronavirus restrictions.

The continued membership of the Merton School Sport Partnership (MSSP) allows the school to provide the opportunity for children to experience competitive sports at Cluster, Borough and London wide level. The lunchtime clubs run by the Sports Specialist prepare our children to compete in the competitions run by the MSSP.  This gives our children more confidence and ability to compete against other schools, and to improve their own standard of sporting ability. Most of these events were postponed due to the pandemic.

Our ‘Daily Mile’ course, used by all classes across the school, has given the opportunity to a larger number of less active children to enjoy physical activity.

The outdoor facilities at our school are a valuable resource to our school community, which we have maximised by allowing the MSSP to use our facilities for Cluster tournaments whenever possible.   We have maintained our cricket pitch in good order so that we can provide quality coaching and practice facilities for children at our school and to the wider community by allowing local cricket clubs to use the facilities at weekends. Our outdoor football facilities are also fully utilised by the local community as we continue to host and expand children’s football in partnership with Dundonald Utd. Again, the pandemic had a strong effect on these activities.

We continue to audit staff and identify areas of need for CPD.  Staff historically attend CPD offered by the MSSP and this has led continuing improvement in the quality of observed PE lessons.