Headteacher Jill Augustin Safeguarding, Appraisal, Teaching and Learning
Deputy Head Mrs C Burnett Curriculum, Students, Staff Cover, Community Cohesion, CPD, Growth Mindset, Music
Deputy Head Mr K Ellis Assessment Lead, Pupil Premium, School Council
Inclusion Lead Mrs S Warwick SEND, Safeguarding, ARP (Additionally Resourced Provision) Manager, Looked After Children
Assistant Headteacher Mrs J Ruffle Phase 1 Lead

Parents in Partnership

Assistant Headteacher Mrs D Newell Phase 2 Lead
Assistant Headteacher Mrs N Adamson Phase 3 Lead
6A Mrs N Adamson (0.5)
Mrs J Lawless (0.5) Religious Education
6B Mrs N McGarrigle Healthy Schools
6C Mr K Surkitt English Subject Team
5A Mrs L Darlington (0.8) Mindfulness Lead
Mrs C Frost (0.2) English as an Additional Language [EAL]
5B Mrs N Byford-Guy (0.6) Science Lead
Mrs K Hampshire (0.4) Eco Schools Lead
5C Miss M Boyt Maths Subject Team
4A Mr M Lowe PE Lead
4B Miss Z Ringrow Humanities Team [Geography]
4C Mrs J Howson (0.4) Humanities Team [Geography Lead]
Mrs A Dumont (0.6) Religious Education Lead
3A Ms A Cunningham (0.6) Sustainable Travel
Mrs V Hornsby (0.4) Humanities Team [History Lead]
3B Ms J Schubert
3C Mr J Saller (0.8) Maths Lead
Mrs S Qadir (0.2) Multi-Cultural Lead
2A Mrs P Sankey Design & Technology Team
2B Ms C Zealey (0.8) PSHE Lead
Mrs S Qadir (0.2) Multi-Cultural Lead
2C Mrs D Newell (0.5) Science Team
Mrs N Sharief (0.5) English as an Additional Language [EAL] Lead
1A Miss P Bialkowski Maths Subject Team
1B Mrs A Scott Computing Lead
1C Mrs J Baines English Lead
Owls Mrs J Ruffle (0.5)
Mrs A Coates (0.5) Art Lead
Robins Miss J Ellingworth Maths Subject Team
Sparrows Miss R Henn Design & Technology Subject Team
Nursery Mrs J Haxton-Bartlett Healthy Schools
Ark Mrs C Knapman (0.6) Assistant SEND Lead
Mrs C Nicholas (0.4) Additional Resource Provision
Study Miss C Hollywood Additional Resource Provision
French teacher Mrs D Bodle French Lead
French teacher Ms F Belkebir French
Maths teacher Mrs H Evans Maths
Mrs H Warner Maternity Leave
Cover Mrs L Giddings Library Lead
Choir Mrs C Smith Choir Lead, Boomwhackers
Dyslexia Teacher Mrs K Strupinska
ELSA Mrs C Gilonis
N.B Phase 1 Nursery & Reception
Phase 2 Years 1 to 3
Phase 3 Years 4 to 6
P.A. to Headteacher Mrs S Dotchin Parent Support Advisor
Site Manager Mr B Canham
ICT Manager Mr M Kimber Assistant Site Manager
Administration Staff
School Business Manager Mrs K Baker
Administrative Assistant Mrs J Brock
General Office Assistant Mrs S Broom
Administrative Assistant/Reception Mrs T Fortescue
Admissions and Attendance Officer Mrs D Kirton


Phase 1 Support Staff
Nursery Ms A Pearce Nursery Nurse
Nursery Miss J Hickling Early Years Practitioner
Nursery Miss R Harrin Early Years Practitioner
Nursery Miss T Reboredo Mendez Teaching Assistant
Owls Ms S Lovato Teaching Assistant
Robins Mrs P Leworthy Teaching Assistant
Sparrows Mrs G England Nursery Nurse
Reception Miss G McCarroll Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Cousins Learning Support Assistant/ EAL support

[+Yrs 1&2]

Ms C Diogo Learning Support Assistant
Volunteer Support Mrs B Jones
Phase 2 Support Staff
1A Mrs H Riches Teaching Assistant
1B Ms A Whittemore Teaching Assistant
1C Mrs L Kurti Teaching Assistant
Ms R Lecky Learning Support Assistant
Mrs B Martin Learning Support Assistant
Mrs F Lounissi Learning Support Assistant
Volunteer Support Mrs B Brown
Y2 Mrs J Sacco Teaching Assistant
Y2 Miss S Streek (maternity leave) Teaching Assistant
Y2 Mrs D Vischjager Teaching Assistant
Ms F Coutts Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Kostikidou Learning Support Assistant + Music Specialist
Mrs D Vasovic Learning Support Assistant
Y3 Mrs C Clarke Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Khalil Learning Support Assistant
Mrs E Thornton Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Zaffarano Learning Support Assistant
Mr G Wall Learning Support Assistant
EAL Teaching Assistant Mrs P Wilkins
Phase 3 Support Staff
Y4 Mrs M Morris Teaching Assistant
Mrs M To Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Foskett Learning Support Assistant
Mrs D Elghazaly Learning Support Assistant
Mr Y Kassim Learning Support Assistant
Y5 Mrs A Alden Marty Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Colliver Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Butler Teaching Assistant - ELSA
Mrs S Avery Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Digby Learning Support Assistant
Mr J Dehaarte Learning Support Assistant + PE Specialist
Y6 Mr S Wright Learning Support Assistant/TA
Ms R Garrick Learning Support Assistant
Additional Resource Provision (ARP)
Ark Ms C Cooper Rose Learning Support Assistant
Miss K Moody Learning Support Assistant
Study Mrs M Hirst-Allen Learning Support Assistant
Mrs E Sczok Learning Support Assistant
Ark & Study Mrs H Swiatek Learning Support Assistant
Ark & Study Mrs L French Speech & Language Therapist
Midday Supervisors
Mrs C Tanner Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs Z Ackland
Miss C Appiah
Mrs J Dadds
Miss R Hornegold
Mrs S Malik
Mrs J McKimm
Mrs M Mistry
Mrs A Patel
Mrs D Peel
Mrs K Shattell
Mrs K Smith