Leave of Absence

It is not advisable to take your child/ren on a leave of absence during term time as this causes disruption to their education. Schools must follow the law in this regard and may only grant leave in exceptional circumstances if certain criteria are fulfilled.

The Pupil Registration Regulations (England) 2006 and the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 state that:

  • Leave of Absence in exceptional circumstances is authorised at the discretion of the Headteacher. (This is not an automatic right of parents/guardians)
  • Parents should not normally take children on a leave of absence during the school Term
  • Leave of absence should not be booked until authority is given
  • Each request for leave of absence will be considered individually, taking into account: the circumstances for the request, the supporting evidence provided, the overall attendance of your child(ren), your child’s stage of education and progress and where appropriate both internal and external examinations and assessments
  • If the absence is approved by the Headteacher you will be advised as to how many days the Headteacher has approved for your child’s absence.
  • If the school does not agree the absence and you take the leave without permission or your child is absent for more than the agreed number of days the absence will be unauthorised
  • Leave of absence taken without the authorisation of the school may lead to your child(ren) being referred to the Education Welfare Service and the possibility of statutory action and a fine

In order for your application for the absence to be considered please complete the form below.

Request for Leave of Absence for exceptional circumstances during Term Time

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