Partnership with Parents

There are many ways in which the school works in partnership with parents. Parents are invited to come into school throughout the year to help in classrooms to hear children read, work in the library or go on outings. They also assist with activities such as cooking, sewing or art.

English23Each year we run Mums’ and Dads’ Weeks. Parents come into school to share their talents, skills and expertise with the children.

There are regular opportunities to meet with class teachers and be kept informed about children’s progress. These may be informally via homework diaries or formally at the Parents’ Consultation Meetings held twice a year. An annual written school report is also issued in the summer term.

We have a strong Friends Association to which all parents automatically become members. This enables parents and teachers to work together to provide social functions, educational evenings and fund-raising activities. The large amount of money raised by the Friends each year makes an invaluable contribution to the running of the school.

Finally, the Home School Agreement is a three-way partnership involving school, parent and child. Through it we can join together to ensure that the children are happy and achieving their full potential.