School Council

Council working groupWimbledon Chase has an active school council made up of pupils from years two to six elected by their class. The elected group of children comprises a class representative from each class, plus three permanent members from Year 6. The class representatives serve for half of the year and then another set are voted in for the second half of the year. The permanent members lead the two groups and represent the views of the school council to Mrs Tomes, the Head Teacher.

  • Issues are brought from the classes to discuss at school council meetings.
  • The school council is very proactive and the pupils have made considerable changes over the years.

Recent action by the School Council has included:

  • An anti-bullying campaign and poster competition.
  • Dining hall manners.
  • Health and safety issues such as rules for coming into the building at playtime.
  • A survey of classes to find out how happy children are in the playground.
  • Playground issues such as sharing the play areas for cricket and football.
  • Healthy Schools week – a whole school ‘smoothie’ competition.
  • Working with the school cook to talk about options at lunchtime.
  • Wet play clubs.

Some members of our school council also attend the Merton’s Children’s School Council which is held at the Mayor’s Chambers at the Civic Centre.

The school places a great deal of importance on ‘pupil voice’ and all children are strongly encouraged to volunteer to be elected.

School Council News