Additionally Resourced Provision for SLCN

The A·R·P

Additionally Resourced Provision for Children with Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties

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The Additionally Resourced Provision is for children who have Speech, Language and Communication identified as their primary need on their Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). These children will benefit from a combination of intensive speech and language therapy, a language rich environment and a curriculum that is differentiated to meet their individual needs. The ARP at Wimbledon Chase is funded centrally by Merton to support 16 pupils. 14 places are linked with mainstream classes, Reception to Year 6 and there are 2 full time equivalent places reserved for the nursery. Nursery places are assessment places and there is no direct transfer to the ARP. (See Nursery ARP information)

Admission to the ARP

Pupils are identified for application to the ARP through Portage, Early Years Support team, Speech and Language therapists (via the NHS clinics or S&L mainstream team), Educational Psychologist Service, EHCP planning meetings and at School Annual Reviews. Admission to the ARP is through submitting a request and paperwork to the Merton SEN Decision Making Group (DMG). Children can be admitted at any suitable date throughout the academic year if spaces are available. (See admission information for more detail)


The ARP school staff consists of 3 experienced SEN teachers and experienced teaching assistants. All class teachers and teaching assistants receive training to understand the needs of pupils with SLCN.


There are 2 main ARP classrooms, one for Phase 1 & 2 pupils (The Ark) and one for Phase 3 pupils (The Study). Both rooms are resourced and staffed for specialist language teaching and provide a differentiated and modified curriculum which caters for individual needs. Since September 2015 an additional room has been established (The Station) which allows children to be taught for specific lessons or therapy sessions depending on current needs or level of development. The children also use all other facilities available in school.

The Speech Therapist has her own dedicated office adjacent to The Ark with a range of resources and equipment to support individual and group S&L therapy sessions.

Speech and Language Therapy

The Speech and Language Therapist (S&LT) is in school every week to deliver support for the ARP pupils. The package of S&LT for each child is described EHCP. The Speech and Language Therapist delivers group, paired and individual sessions. Planning is completed in collaboration with the ARP teachers so that these areas can be targeted and new skills generalised into the ARP classroom environment. Regular liaison with the S&LT means that specific speech and language targets are worked on within the planned curriculum as well as dedicated S&L lessons thus aiding the children in achieving their targets. The S&LT contributes to parent consultation days, reviews and reports and will liaise with the mainstream staff and LSAs to provide support for the child’s speech and language needs across the school day. The S&LT is able to meet with staff and parents to discuss their concerns or support for the student when requested.

The Speech Therapist provides regular training for teaching assistants and staff throughout the year.

Occupational Therapy

If included in the EHCP, individual or group occupational therapy/ sensory sessions can take place in school as the ARP has a range of OT equipment bought on the recommendation of the OT service. The monitoring, frequency and supervision of the individual OT or sensory programme will be described on each child’s individual EHCP. ARP staff are experienced in following individual sensory diets or OT recommendations in liaison with the trained therapists. Staff are also experienced working with NHS paediatric physiotherapists for children who require this support. Weekly sessions covering co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills are timetabled into the curriculum.

Please note the school does not employ an OT and this service is provided by NHS.

Educational Psychology Service

The ARP consults a Merton Educational Psychologist to review pupil progress when required. The EP would be consulted if additional services or referral to other professional groups was needed.

The ARP has a multidisciplinary ethos so all staff regularly liaise to ensure that the children are making holistic progress and their needs are being met.


All ARP pupils are attached to a mainstream class and, depending on their level of need, their timetable will be divided between the mainstream class and the ARP classrooms. Children mix with mainstream peers every break and lunch time; they attend whole school celebrations, attend some year group trips, including residential trips, attend clubs and lunch time activities. The ARP is part of the whole school monitoring and assessment process and the children in the ARP are included in general school life and expectations.

Additional Support that can be offered in the ARP classes includes:

  • Daily focus on language targets.
  • Small group support for communication and social skills.
  • Integration of language targets into curriculum planning.
  • Modified maths and literacy curriculum dependent on needs and development.
  • Pre learning vocabulary for class based activities.
  • Use of visual materials and cues including Communicate in Print and Makaton signing where necessary.
  • Development of fine and gross motor skills.
  • Social and Emotional Support.
  • Summative and formative assessment.

For more information or to arrange a visit contact:

  • Acting Headteacher: Mr K Ellis
  • Inclusion Manager: Mrs S Warwick
  • SEN Teachers: Mrs C Knapman, Miss Hollywood, Mrs Nicholas.

School Telephone 020 8542 1413

Useful Websites for Parents of Children with Speech language and Communication difficulties.