Profile of needs for typical children attending ARP

Profile of needs for typical children attending Wimbledon Chase Speech Language and Communication Needs Additionally Resourced Provision (SLCN ARP).

All children in the SLCN ARP have an EHCP. All children have a primary need of Speech and Language Disorders.

The profile of needs listed below is not necessarily exhaustive but encompasses the main needs of the children who have attended the SLCN ARP at Wimbledon Chase in the last 10 years. This is a general guide for parents and L.A. when considering whether a child’s needs would generally fit within the type of needs catered for at WCPS SLCN ARP. Many children have a combination of needs.  

  • Children with a Developmental Language Disorder. (DLD)
  • Children with expressive language disorder.
  • Children with speech sound disorders and articulation difficulties.
  • Children with receptive language disorders
  • Children who are working below age related expectations due to the impact of their language disorder or delay.
  • Children with hearing Impairments where the Hearing Impairment (HI) impacts on their language development.
  • Children with a medical  diagnosis which results in the primary need being a language disorder or delay.
  • Children with dyslexia, as part of a DLD diagnosis. 
  • Children with dyspraxia/developmental coordination disorder linked to DLD.
  • Children with Visual Impairment if DLD is also part of their SEND profile.
  1. Children attend the SLCN ARP  if it is clear that they need and would benefit from working with a SEND teacher in a small group for core learning that embeds receptive and expressive language skills within the curriculum, plus direct and indirect intervention from a Speech Therapist.
  2. The support required is more intense than is offered to a mainstream pupil with an individually banded EHCP.
  3. Daily interaction and inclusion within a mainstream school and class is identified as beneficial and feasible.
  4. The professional reports should indicate that the child will make best progress in this type of educational setting.

SLCN ARP is not for children with a diagnosis of ASD – see Merton Local Offer for ASD ARPs.